Virtual Wanderlust: Tour the Globe from Home

We live in an era where the boundaries of what is real and what is virtual intermingle freely. The virtual and physical spaces transpire into one another with each of us being a part of the others ‘story’ or  ’feed’ and living vicariously through others’ experiences. That is perhaps one of the biggest boons of the digital age– the ability to be anywhere (virtually of course!) at the click of a button. In the age of picture-perfect travel experiences, it’s no wonder that virtual wanderlust has become increasingly popular. The ability to go on a virtual tour around the globe from the comfort of your home is increasingly appealing. 

Unlocking Doors to Virtual Worlds through a Virtual Tour

Within the context of virtual tourism, one has to embrace the many aspects of advanced technologies and the incredible doors it open up, figuratively and literally. In order to emulate the various nuances of travel into the virtual tour and bring varied experiences to the virtual world, advanced technologies are leveling up their offerings to ensure that the virtual tour it offers brings you closer to the real-life experience.  Be it interactive maps, Google Earth, VR headsets and more, you can experience all the wonders of the world. What would have once cost a lifetime of savings, physical and mental abilities and fitness are no longer obstacles deterring you from immersing yourself in the experiences the world has to offer. It in fact, bridges the gaps caused by these hindrances and limitations and offers you the opportunity to explore it the way you like it. 

Step into Immersive Digital Realms

To ensure that the virtual tour fully emulates the real-life experience and can bring its users real value, facilitators need to ensure that it doesn’t feel gimmicky in any shape or form. While the visual experience through a virtual tour can be remarkable in its own right, there is also great merit in exploring audio guides, sound mixing and sensory prompts to emulate the experience and aid in elevating the virtual tour. In engaging the different senses, virtual tour stands only to enrich the virtual travelers’ journey and offer a wholesome travel experience.  

Embark on Limitless Adventures

The thing that makes virtual tourism bustling with opportunities and a virtual tour the go-to real-life alternative, is the possibility of limitless exploration it offers. Unlike traditional travel,  a virtual tour needs very little investment in terms of time and resources. You do not have to engage in the hassles of planning the logistics and an itinerary restricted by opening and closing times or for that matter geographical locations. You have the ability to explore various places at any given time, one after another and even across the globe. You could be starting your day in Machu Picchu and ending it in Ibiza. You could be watching the turtles in the Galapagos Islands during the day and gazing at the Northern Lights in Iceland at night. The limitations that bind traditional travel are non-existent when it comes to virtual tourism. 

Discover the World from Your Device

What makes a virtual tour a true win is the accessibility it brings to everyone. Virtual Tourism takes away the various aspects of privilege at play with real tourism and democratizes the process for people from all walks of life. Be it a visit to a famous gallery or a museum with no wheelchair accessibility, or a temple or place of worship with various rules around prayers, a virtual tour opens it up for everyone to experience it, and interact with it, without the taboos of accessibility that hold them back. With access to interact and a device to experience the world with, virtual tourism offers insights, backstories and guidance to experience the world safely, with care and on your terms. 

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