Campus Virtual Tour

Campus Virtual Tour

Campus virtual tours are a great way to help prospective students see and learn more about your campus and all it has to offer. Stand out by giving potential applicants a live, immersive experience while eliminating any travel time, cost, or external stresses that may get in the way of visiting your school. Allowing students to virtually visit provides higher conversion rates for applications and subsequent enrollments to your campus.

Mass Interact’s Campus virtual tours are also great for alumni and potential donors. Having a state-of-the-art virtual tour is an invaluable marketing tool and a unique way to showcase your school.

Have Multiple Locations? No Problem.

We have photographers in every major city, allowing us to schedule & shoot your 360 Tour where you need us!

Customized Brand Experience

Interactive virtual tours are a great way to showcase your school’s brand identity and offerings to prospective students and their families. Our panoramic photos and virtual tours enhance your social media, digital presence, and marketing collateral with an incredible visual communication experience that’s completely customizable - including logos, colors, fonts, videos, and messaging.

360 Panoramic Photography

We use high-quality panoramic photography paired with cutting-edge post-processing methods to create a standout experiential product for our clients. This ensures that we portray all the unique and important aspects of your location in the best way

Mobile-ready and Responsive

Our Campus virtual tours are powered by HTML 5 technology, ensuring that they’re completely responsive and can be viewed across platforms and operating systems - including desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile phones, Windows, Android, iOS and other operating systems. No matter how someone is viewing, we guarantee they get the immersive experience.

Benefits Of Campus Virtual Tours

Organic Exposure

When your virtual tour is immersive, viewers are more likely to share snapshots on their own social media channels, giving you added exposure.

Reach a Younger Audience

A virtual tour is especially appealing to the younger, engaging audience you’re aiming to reach - millennial and Gen Z.

Own the Content

All panoramic photography and virtual tours will be entirely owned by you, ensuring a strong marketing asset in the long run.

SEO Advantage

Mass Interact virtual tour content is hosted in the Google database and stored in the Google Knowledge Graph, giving you a significant advantage when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Fundraising Efforts

A virtual tour that’s catered to alumni and potential donors is a great way to raise funds for your campus. It allows them to revisit the nostalgia associated with your campus while showcasing improvements that have been made.

Complete Business Listing Status

Get one step closer to a complete Business Listing with an official GSVI (Google Street View Inside) that a Mass Interact virtual tour offers - a major advantage for any kind of online discovery.

Create a Better Orientation Process

Having a virtual tour can give you the added edge when you’re designing an orientation program for incoming students.

Dynamic Google-Generated Content

With our virtual tours you can integrate Google-generated content within your school’s website and social media pages.

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