Worcester State University – A Breathtaking Virtual Tour

As a Google-trusted agency, Mass Interact promises and delivers virtual tours that are not just well-detailed, but also immersive and highly interactive. If you are not too sure about it, check out our Worcester State University virtual tour and find out how a 360-degree panoramic model of an esteemed university looks and functions. From real-time narration to extremely fluid transitions, the tour has it all. Whether you are an aspiring student or a concerned parent, you can explore the inviting campus of Worcester State within the comfort of your home. Or go through this photo blog to get a taste of the virtual tour first. 

Shaughnessy Administration Building

The Worcester State University Virtual Tour begins with the Shaughnessy Administration Building, also known as the “Academic Mall” of student services. One look at the classic exterior of the building is enough to leave you awe-inspired. You can also rotate the imagery 360-degree and take a good look at the well-oriented ecosystem and clean lanes.

Click on the flickering arrow and it’ll bring you to the corridors of the academic mall, a spacious, well-lit and ventilated space. The building includes many highlights, such as the Academic Center, Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office, and the President’s Office as well.

Ghosh Science & Technology Center

Next, the Worcester State Virtual Tour powered by Mass Interact takes you to a facility that’s renowned for bringing art, science, and technology together – The Ghosh Science & Technology Center.

Take a moment to soak in the coming of age design of the main building before you step inside. Once you pass through the gates, you will be welcomed by a cozy yet modern setting. 

Wellness Center

As you keep walking through the lanes of your future campus, you will see the Worcester State University Wellness Center Virtual Tour. Mass Interacts dynamic imagery captured through advanced panorama technology brings the majestic 101,000 square foot LEED-certified wellness facility alive on your screen. 

The primary function of the wellness center is to provide students from all communities and streams the amenities that keep them fit and active. Keep clicking the arrows on your screen and you’ll catch glimpses of everything from a gym to an elevated track to a golf simulator. 

Student Center

Welcome to the student center, where a beautifully crafted symmetrical panoramic view of the building can make you skip a heartbeat. From the corridors to the bookstore and everything in between, the WSU virtual campus tour lets you explore every detail of the student center with realistic and in depth views.

Situated in the geographical heart of the institution, the student center has freshly renovated offices for over 40 student organizations as well.

Sheehan Hall

Sheehan Hall is the finest example of one of the core values of Worcester State University: that students come first. We, at Mass Interact, understand the importance this facility has for students gathering here from across the globe. Thus, our team has taken extra efforts to make the Sheehan Hall WSU virtual tour a memorable experience for students. 

This cultural hub of the institution also houses a well-crafted dining hall with a marvelous mountain view. Additionally, the tour captures the traditional living areas and community game rooms explicitly. 

Final Verdict

So, these were some of the primary highlights of the Worcester State University virtual tour created by us at Mass Interact. Every single spot in the virtual tour holds immense importance and has been captured in painstaking detail. 

To end with, you are sure to enjoy the short video that plays before you step into the interactive experience. The actual tour is a lot more extensive than the handful of places shown in this article and includes a virtual tour of the parking lot of Worcester State University too. Check out the full tour here.


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