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Anyone dabbling with modern-age marketing knows that ‘seeing is believing’ for customers. So, if you are looking for brilliant campus marketing ideas, know that this proverb holds true here as well. This is the reason why so many institutions have started using 360 virtual tours to bring in more students or boost enrolment. These are way more effective than still images or the usual videos you knew about till now. Reason? Well, they are super realistic, immersive, interactive and engaging. So, if you are still not sure whether you should go for these tours to market your campus, here are 5 reasons that will convince you.

  1. Better visibility – The biggest benefit of virtual tour campus marketing is that it improves your brand awareness significantly. Why? By incorporating a virtual tour on your website and business listings, you stand a good chance of ranking higher on Google. That is because, more people will find your content relevant and useful, and the click-through rate will shoot up. Plus, when prospective students spend more time on your site while taking the tour, Google will consider your site to be rich in information. Gradually, your local search rank will go up.

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  2. Easy to share – After creating a virtual college tour, you can not only share it on your website, but also on your social media pages and even marketing emails. It is also easy to circulate the link to your tour through messaging apps. Plus, when students like what they see, they can easily re-share the tour with their peers or parents. This leads to better visibility, brand awareness and even recall.    

  3. Smarter decision-making – The thing about virtual tours is that they help give potential applicants a clear picture about your college, be it about the aesthetics, design, programs, faculty, extracurricular activities, or facilities. You can highlight the best aspects of your institution through college virtual tour marketing, be it a swanky library, beautifully manicured lawns, spotless residence halls, state of the art lecture rooms or something else. Plus, you can include snippets of past students talking about why they love your college and how it has helped them bag a great job offer or a famous sports scholarship. All these nuggets of information can help a prospective student make a decision or pick you over others.  

  4. Saves money and time – There is no doubt about the fact that the current pandemic has made it almost impossible to make in-person visits even if students want to explore their dream colleges up close. Safety is at a huge risk here. Luckily, 360 virtual tours make up amazingly well for physical visits and make the experience as normal as possible for applicants. However, even if the pandemic was not in the picture, it can be challenging for many students to spend a lot of money or time to visit multiple colleges individually and compare them. Virtual tours address these pain points effectively and let them find out all about your college from the comfort of their home, for free.  

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  5. Lends competitive edge – 360 virtual tours campus marketing is also a wonderful way to stay ahead of your competition, especially if they are not yet doing it. When you offer potential students something so exciting and visual, they won’t have to consume and process a lot of plain text or mundane information. And this will help them when they are on the go too. By inserting powerful calls to action buttons like “Apply Now”, “Contact a Student Guide”, “Schedule a visit” and such, you can drive more conversions too and make sure that more students try your college rather than others. Also, 360 tours are a great way to connect with Gen Z and show them that you are aware of their preferences and can meet their needs perfectly.  

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to put together an information-rich and super engaging college virtual tour that attracts and converts. Email us at info@massinteract.com if you need some guidance or a professional touch.

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