Discover with Google 360: Explore Real Places Virtually

For the uninitiated, Google 360, also known as Google Street View, offers a fantastic view of the world at large from the comfort of your home. Created by a compilation of multiple images, it recreates a panoramic, 360-degree view of the street, area or geographical location you’re viewing. As this revolutionary piece of technology becomes growingly popular in enabling a holistic and immersive experience of engaging with the world virtually, it empowers users from around the world to explore real places, virtually, comfortably.  Let’s take a step back to assess what this means for the present world, and how this ground-breaking technology has the power to transform the way we interact in the future. 

Unveiling Real Spaces from Anywhere

With Google 360, the possibilities of discovering the most remote corners of the world are increasingly real. By simply choosing a place of your choice, a landmark on your bucket list or a monument of historic significance, they are all available for travel at the click of a button. Real spaces anywhere in the world are now within reach. From moving beyond just its ability to guide for navigation, it offers you an insight into places far and beyond your own and makes these remote places more accessible to witness, first-hand. With a simple scroll or a zoom-in option, Google 360 can transport you to a place of your choice. 

Explore Real Places Virtually

In a world of virtual reality taking centre in our ways of communication, education and entertainment, Google 360 plays a pivotal role in shaping and elevating these experiences. By simulating a very real-world experience, it allows users to closely make note of the intricate details, and explore every minute detail of the space they are witnessing through Google 360, as if they were exploring it in person. Imagine how amazing the classroom experience will now be when you can step into the historical sites you’re studying about, or make note of the architectural marvels of cityscapes. 

Step Into Reality, Virtually

Businesses too can leverage the incredible opportunity Google 360 presents. From industrial site visits or agricultural landscapes, be it real-estate home tours or street parades, the plethora of experiences that are now within reach are countless. One has within their reach a reality that is present in different parts of the world, which isn’t necessarily theirs, but has the opportunity to get a window into it. It’s an incredible way for anyone to gain a better understanding and perspective of the world beyond the one you’re most familiar with and embrace both its similarities and differences. 

Journey Beyond Boundaries
For the first time in a long time in history, travelling around the world is not limited by means, ability, and circumstances. They are, in fact, driven by the hunger to discover the world and what it holds for you. From mountain ranges that are often unscalable, to pristine sandy beaches that are uninhabited, Google 360 brings you a very unique lens that enriches our experience of travel and perhaps democratizes it in the process. It empowers those who often think of travel as a far-fetched idea achieved only through a bucket list of destinations, to those confined to their lives in one city,  Google 360 is such a positive way to extend our innate need for connections and exploration– the only caveat? You do so in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. While traditional travel pushes you to step outside your comfort zone, virtual travel, if you may– invites the wonders of the world to step into it.


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