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We, at Mass Interact, present to you our best tour till date – the Crafton Hills Virtual Tour. It is the latest installment in our streak of high-quality interactive panoramic virtual tours and allows you to freely explore the Crafton Hills Campus, spread over a staggering 523 acres.

The tour also includes a short yet extremely captivating introductory video with amazing drone views that are sure to take your breath away. You can also change the real time narration to Spanish, if that’s what you prefer. Using the control panel given at the bottom of the screen, you can pinpoint your location on the tour, view the photo gallery, and even share the tour with your friends.

Below, we’ve gathered the best of this dynamic experience and handpicked a few locations on the campus that you shouldn’t miss:

The Crafton Center

The Crafton Hills Virtual Tour begins by giving you a grand panoramic view of the community college main building – The Crafton Center. The campus entrance is captured in multiple frames to allow users to roam around the space surrounding the facility.

At Mass Interact, we have put special emphasis on the fluidity of the 360-degree tour and the transitions that connect one scene to the next. One look inside and the architectural beauty will certainly leave you amazed. As you browse, click on the “i” buttons sprinkled here and there to get tiny nuggets of information about different departments. You can even climb the stairways and explore most of the corridors of the building.

Child Development Center

Our next stop in the Crafton Hills Campus Tour is the Child Development Center, a gigantic facility set close to lush green valleys. The facility is designed to provide education programs for children of 3 to 5 years of age. The building also includes a well-developed lab space and many other resources for CHC students.

Thanks to Mass Interact’s 360-degree panorama technology and 3D rendering expertise, the entire facility has come to life in extreme detail here.

Clock Tower Building

The complex yet iconic design of this three-story building leaves many students spellbound on their first day. But you’re in luck, as with Mass Interacts highly immersive custom virtual tour and Crafton Hills drone video, you can familiarize yourself with the facility in advance.

The building boasts the title of “The Technology Success Center” at the college and contains 20 accessible computer stations and many administrative offices. In this part of the tour specifically, the audio narration is explicitly smooth and sounds very natural.

The West Complex

Located at a stone’s throw distance from the Crafton Center, this facility houses the honors lounge and its upper level. The first thing you will notice when you enter this building is its eye-catching design, featuring a variety of beam-like structures. All this has been captured vividly in the drone view and the 360-degree virtual tour of the Crafton Campus.

The facility is also ornamented with a beautiful garden, open to all students, teachers, professors, and support staff at all hours.

Student Support Building

The next location that the Mass Interacts dynamic tour will take you to is the Student Support Building. Set right across from the West Complex, this building stands tall as a fine example of modern architecture.

As the name suggests, the Student Support Facility is dedicated to helping students with all their academic needs and concerns. If you rotate your view to the right and take a closer look, you’ll also find a cozy sitting area with a mesmerizing view of the valley. While you’re here, don’t forget to go downstairs and check out the health and wellness center tour of Crafton Hills.

The Learning Resource Center

We, at Mass Interact, are extremely proud of our Crafton Hills Bookstore Tour, which is a part of the learning resource center. The facility is spread across 59,000 square feet and has been serving the college community since 2010.

Much like many other facilities in the college, this facility is also surrounded by trees of different varieties, giving students a healthy environment. Click on the flickering arrow and it’ll take you to the grand tutoring area first. The place offers all the necessary resources for different streams and is an ideal space for focused studies. Already impressed? Wait till the stairs take you to the Crafton Hills majestic Library.

Visual Arts Building

The last destination is also one of the oldest buildings in the college – the Visual Arts Building. It’s a complex and intricate structure made up of a multitude of narrow lanes and spacious art rooms. The interior walls here follow a white theme, bringing out a tint of inspiration and imagination in an artist. 

If you continue to navigate the building, you will soon end up at the magnificent sitting area where students often migrate to take a break  

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a student or a parent, choosing a college is a crucial decision. We understand the struggle of browsing through countless colleges online before picking one for your future. Which is why, we have crafted the Crafton Hills College Interactive Virtual Tour, keeping these concerns in mind. Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about some of the most prominent locations that this prestigious college houses. However, this article only has a handful of entries. The actual tour is far more extensive and even takes you through the Crafton Hills College Pool Tour. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the full tour now.

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