8 Surprising Virtual Tour Statistics to Blow Your Mind In 2021

2021 has made it perfectly clear that for a business to survive and thrive, visual marketing is the way to go. Be it your website, blog, Google ads or social media posts, everything needs to be visual-rich and less textual to send across the right message in the least time possible. Which is why, virtual tours are all the rage now. Immersive, interactive and super engaging, they let viewers (potential customers) explore a shop, restaurant, hotel, college, gym or even a golf course, whenever and wherever they want. They are perfect for driving more traffic to your website as well as conversions. Not quite convinced yet? Check out these 2021 virtual tour statistics to know about the benefits.  

  1. Views for websites with virtual tours are 5 to 10 times longer than those that don’t have them

Shared by Leonardo Worldwide, this is one of those virtual tour stats that show how these tours generate better engagement. The longer a visitor lingers on your website and explores your offerings, the higher is their chance to convert into a paying customer.

  • People between 18 and 34 years of age are 130% more likely to book a service or venue if they see a virtual tour

According to Reimagine Main Street, businesses that wish to target millennials or the youth section of the society should make use of virtual tours, as it appeals to their tech-savvy nature. Plus, virtual tours give viewers a realistic idea of what a venue might be like, which is necessary to build trust.

  • 67% customer want more businesses to offer virtual tours

A survey conducted by Seek Beak revealed one of the most interesting virtual tour statistics 2021 – 2 out of 3 customers are aware of virtual tours and would like more businesses to come up with the same. So, if you were under the impression that your potential customers won’t know what to do with such a tour, think again! If you want them to understand your business better, get started with a virtual tour.

  • 63% of travel websites posted 360 photos or videos in 2016

A study by Social Bakers in 2016 showed how 63% of travel companies were using panoramic photos and videos to attract customers. Even back then, offering a realistic view of what a tourist spot or vacation home might look like thrilled potential travelers. And today, virtual tours are here to make the marketing game easier for travel brands. The same study also revealed that about 54% of automotive companies were using 360-degree virtual tours to engage with prospective buyers. It continues to be a wonderful way of helping people explore and gauge the quality of a vehicle and make an informed decision.

  • 50% of internet-using US adults make property-related decisions based on virtual tours

One of the most intriguing virtual tour statistics is related to the real estate industry. As per Nar Realtor, 50% of US adults who use the internet go by virtual tours when it comes to zeroing in on a property. That is because virtual tours are the best way to become familiar with every nook and cranny, and they help future homeowners visualize themselves in a particular environment. While 89% of prospective buyers feel that images are everything when it comes to house-hunting, most of them are shifting to virtual tours as they are more immersive and authentic.

  • Google Maps listings with virtual tours see 12% more engagement than those without

Laurels Tech found out that incorporating virtual tours in Google listings can boost a business’s visibility organically (or for free). Also, if a Google My Business listing features a virtual tour, Google will throw up 360 thumbnail displays when someone conducts a relevant search. This can get your business more views, engagement, and sales.

  • Virtual tours witness 5 million visits daily worldwide

One of the most important virtual tour stats shared by Panomatics is this one, for sure. It shows how easily virtual tours can attract new and existing customers, connect with them, build their trust, and convince them. Since they are innovative and cutting-edge, customers tend to spend more time on any page that has virtual tours.

  • Virtual tours increase conversion by 16% to 67%

Businesses using virtual tours for marketing witnessed a 16% to 67% rise in conversion, as per TIG Global. The conversion is directly proportional to the level of engagement, which can be achieved with a great background score, fun animation or a nice voiceover. Essentially, virtual tours are the key to better conversion, which is the ultimate goal for any business.

By now, this list of virtual tour statistics 2021 must have proved how important this form of marketing is, if you wish to break the industry clutter and stand out. So, get started today and email us at info@massinteract.com if you need a bit of guidance.


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