5 Ways Virtual Tours Can Power Up Your Campus Recruitment Strategy

With the second wave of COVID hitting the world hard, it has become crucial for colleges to do everything creative they can to power up their student recruitment plans without compromising safety or convenience. Naturally, virtual tours for campus recruitment is the way to go if you want a win-win strategy. Since in-person visits and college fairs are simply out of the question, with the pandemic still on, it pays to invest in a marketing tool that is innovative, immersive, very Gen Z and simple. So, read on about how virtual tours can give you great results during the recruitment season.  

  1. Show that you care – In the wake of the pandemic, a smart campus recruitment strategy is to show prospective students that you care. And by putting up a virtual tour on your website and social media pages, you can show how you take social distancing, isolation and safety seriously. Plus, students from anywhere can access these tours without having to waste time on visiting your college physically or spend a lot of money on such travels. Using virtual tours to market your institution also shows that you are in sync with what the new generation wants and prefers, as they are way more tech-savvy than their parents and grandparents.
  2. Get more visibility and traffic – Campus recruitment through visual media like virtual tours can boost your website’s rank on Google. Why? Because people tend to click more on sites that have visually attractive content. Plus, if the tour is optimized for search engines and features on your Google My Business listing, it will get more visibility and traffic. Google will read this as relevance and rank your site higher than competing colleges.  

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  3. Get better engagement and conversion – College virtual tours, being immersive and exciting, usually encourage students to stick around on your site for longer and explore everything in detail. And the longer they stay, the higher is the chance of engagement. Greater engagement also translates to more conversions. The fact that everything about your campus, from the manicured lawns and bright lecture halls to the swanky gym and cozy library, seems real, helps the student make an informed decision.  
  4. Help spread the word fast – One of the top campus recruitment tips is to get the word out about why your college is special, fast, and virtual tours can do just that. They hook potential applicants in seconds, give them a fair idea about what you offer and why, and are easy to share on social media channels. In fact, you can include a link to your tour when you send emails to both students and their parents. If they like what they see, they will simply share your virtual tour link in their circle and get you more exposure in the process. Plus, “seeing” what your institution is all about is way faster and simpler than going through a lot of text on your website.
  5. Show that you are different from others – Using virtual tours for campus recruitment is a wise choice because it lets you highlight what’s unique or different about your college. After all, every other higher education institution is vying for the attention of the same students. With a virtual tour, you can give prospective applicants a chance to find out about your highly qualified faculty, or exclusive majors, super clean residence halls (the pandemic has made safety extra important), placement cell (you can include snippets of past students who bagged great jobs), student support groups, scholarships, community life and more, in detail. You can showcase impressive figures, glowing testimonials and track records in a stylish way.    

So, what are you waiting for? Give your campus recruitment strategy an extra edge with virtual tours that connect deeply, evoke the right emotions, guide a potential applicant’s journey and get you more enrolment. Not sure how to get started? Connect with us at info@massinteract.com.

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