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In a world where both small and big businesses have started fighting for the consumer’s attention with virtual tours (yes, these realistic and immersive tours are catching on fast), it makes sense to take your game up a notch. And for that, you need customized virtual tours, which are crafted especially for your business and goals. These tours highlight specific strengths of your venture or establishment just the way you want and everything from the script and lighting to angles, icons and layouts are planned as per your needs. Whether you are running an educational institution, a restaurant, a hotel or a gym, custom virtual tours can be your ticket to success. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. They grab attention fast – Be it your website, blog or social media pages, if they can’t hook your potential customer quickly, you will experience low traffic or a high bounce rate. And that won’t be good for your business. But with a customized virtual tour, you can resolve this problem smartly. The moment someone sees such a tour, they become curious to know more and end up exploring your business. In any case, visuals stick to the human brain better than just text, and virtual tours are the best form of visuals you can use. 

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  2. They build credibility – If you want to get more website traffic and engage with your potential customers, custom Google virtual tours are the way to go. They dive deep into your business, highlight even nooks and crannies, and show viewers what it is really like to visit your shop, café, college or hotel. In other words, they build trust through transparency. For instance, if you run a steak joint, a customized virtual tour can highlight showcase your décor, kitchen, dishes, ingredients, lighting and even the cutlery. Or if you rent out a ballroom for weddings and parties, your tour can highlight the beautiful carpeting, chandeliers, furniture, drapes and so on. This way, prospective clients will know you have nothing to hide.   

  3. They help make decisions – One of the best aspects of customized virtual tours for businesses is that they help viewers to make easy comparisons, weigh the pros and cons of doing business with you, and make an informed decision. For example, an university that has a virtual tour on its website (showcasing everything from green lawns and beautiful buildings to bright lecture halls, a swanky library and a crystal clear pool) will get more brownie points than one that lacks a virtual tour and has only text or still images on its site. The same goes for say, a fashion outlet. If someone can check out what all you offer from the comfort of their home (by taking a virtual tour of your shelves), they will be more likely to visit your store instead of one that only lists down their products in text.    
  4. They encourage sharing – Custom virtual tours are usually designed with social media share buttons or you can simply add the tour link at the end of your signature when you are sending out marketing emails. You can send the link through modern messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Snapchat as well. Since these tours are easy to share, if your potential customers like what they see, they will end up spreading the word in their circle of friends too. And this will lead to better brand awareness and website traffic.  

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  5. They give you that competitive edge – As mentioned already, custom virtual tours bring you more traffic, leads and convert prospective customers into paying ones. They help you rank higher on the Google search results page as well, especially when optimized with the right keywords. They improve the relevance, usefulness and interest quotient of your content, which search engines value. Plus, by adding a virtual tour to your Google My Business listing, you can get more local customers to click on it or visit your business. So, if your competitors are yet to tap the power of virtual tours, this is the best time for you to get ahead of them.

By now, you know how customized virtual tours can help you in ways nothing else can. So, why wait to get started? Shoot us an email at info@massinteract.com and we will get back to you to discuss your objectives and craft a smashing tour in no time.  


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