5 Benefits of Visual Marketing Every Business Should Know

There is a reason why visual marketing has emerged as the best form of marketing over the years. No one wants to consume text-heavy content anymore, as it eats up a lot of time, energy and focus. With most businesses taking the online route nowadays for promoting their brands and offers, it is all the more essential to create content that grabs attention quickly and conveys the message easily. That’s because your potential customer is busy and wants to find out things quickly, remember important information better, make decisions easily, and shies away from brands that hard-sell without connecting. Hence, the need of visual marketing, through photos, videos, GIFs or virtual tours, cannot be ignored. Read on to know more about the many benefits: 

  1. Fast engagement and better organic traffic – Visual marketing, when done right, can hook potential customers more easily, as a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether you are using crisp and well-shot photos or a video that is funny or emotional, these methods are more attractive than plain text and will draw more organic (or free) traffic to your site. And that’s just what you want. 

  2. Better search engine ranking – Ranking high on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo is the best way to reel in organic traffic, as you might already know. This way, you won’t have to spend regularly on ads. And you can achieve a better ranking when people find your content relevant, informative and interesting. That is exactly what happens when you include photos, videos or virtual tours in your website, blog and Google My Business listings. When more people interact with your content, search engines read it as better engagement and consider your site to be high-quality. This, in turn, leads to a better rank and more traffic.

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  3. Evokes curiosity and emotions – One of the biggest pros of visual marketing is that, it makes people curious and eager to know more. Action-oriented visual content formats, like virtual tours or videos are especially effective as they are immersive and realistic. They make your target audience feel, relate with your brand, understand your mission, and trust you. For instance, if you are promoting your school through a custom virtual tour, students and parents can explore it thoroughly and appreciate the fact that you are transparent. This can help you establish an emotional connection. Similarly, by watching videos or virtual tours of cafes, gyms, spas and such, people can find out more or decide whether they like a place or not.  

  4. Better brand recall and conversion – You might be surprised to know that visual content has been found to boost learning in students by 400%! Naturally, it’s a powerful tool for marketing businesses too. Since visual information can be processed faster and easily by the human brain, it is possible to recall product or service details with more clarity even after a few days or weeks. And the better this recall, the higher is the chance of a visitor coming back to your site to place an order or make a booking. In other words, better recall can translate to better conversion, which is your ultimate goal.

  5. Easy to share on social media – Another benefit of visual marketing is the ease with which visual content types can be shared on social media channels. Most people scroll their social feeds casually and notice posts or tweets that have images or videos. So, it is easier to connect with your brand’s followers this way and get them to share your visual content with others who might be interested too. Over time, it will boost your base of potential customers and website traffic.  

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What kind of visual content should you use?

While still images are widely used these days by almost all kinds of businesses, consumer preferences and behaviors are evolving. And to keep up with them as well as beat competition, you need something more powerful than just pictures. You need beautifully shot pictures, emotive videos or immersive virtual tours that tell a story and keep your potential customers coming back for more. Apart from your website, these can be shared via emails, social media channels, brochures and more.   

So, are you quite convinced about the advantages of visual marketing by now? Email us at info@massinteract.com to discuss your brand and specific needs and we will help you zero in on the best visual content types.

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